Please use this FAQ page to help you learn more about ‘Que Rewards and how it works so you can start earning your way to more rewards!


Will I receive a physical ‘Que Rewards card?

Our membership cards are virtual. Please let the cashier know you are a ‘Que Rewards member and provide the phone number you used at sign up so that you can get credit for your visit or apply any award you may earn.

Will I receive a physical certificate for my signup reward of a complimentary Cobbler & Cream?

All of our rewards are virtual and tied to your account.  The complimentary cobbler & cream will be active in your account during your first visit to our store.  No purchase is necessary, only loading your account on a single ticket.  Once you give one of our cashiers your loyalty information, the complimentary cobbler & cream will be active in your account.  To see the rewards you have earned to date, please log in to your ‘Que Rewards account here.

What do I do if I did not let the cashier know that I am a ‘Que Rewards member?

If you did not let the cashier know you are a ‘Que Rewards member, you may submit a request for your missing points here.  The web address is also located on the bottom of your receipt.  You will need to supply all the pertinent receipt information.

I was close to 2000 points, but now when I log in I do not have any points.  Did I lose them?

After you earn 2000 points, you will be awarded a $20 credit to your ‘Que Rewards account to spend on the visit of your choosing.  The counter then resets for your next 2000 points.  The reward credit will be visible as an earned reward on your account page.  You may log in and check your rewards by clicking here.

Do my points or earned credits expire?

Points never expire and you may bank as many earned reward credits for as long as you want before you choose to use them.

Can I choose the amount of my credit I want to apply to my next visit?

If you choose to use your earned reward credits on your visit, it will apply any earned reward credit up to the amount of the check.  For example, if you have earned $20 in reward credit, and your check is $13.00.  It will apply $13.00 of your reward credit to your check and you will have $7.00 in reward credit remaining.  If your bill is $25.00, it will apply all $20 of your reward credit to your check, and your check will have a remaining $5 balance.

When can I use my birthday reward?

You may use your birthday reward any time of your choosing during your birthday month.  Birthday rewards do expire at the end of the month and may not be claimed after that.

Can I choose when I want to use my anniversary reward?

Anniversary rewards are automatically applied to your first visit after your Anniversary reward is credited to your account, and when you notify the cashier that you are a ‘Que Rewards member.  Anniversary rewards are awarded annually on the date you became a ‘Que Rewards member and expire 30 days after they are awarded.

If you have any questions that were not answered on this FAQ page please submit them here.